Software development organizations are project based structured organizations that focus only on S/W product delivery. Most of them lack the performance management of their organization, and projects. Some of them consider the deployment of their developed S/W as the responsibility of other entity outside their organization. that is why we have seen many S/W projects failed during the deployment process because of separating the deployment project from the development project. Other S/W projects have failed during the development processes due to lack of applying an Agile methodology like Scrum in their projects management. We have seen other S/W organizations have exit from the market due to lack of managing the organizational performance of leadership, strategy, customer focus, knowledgement management, workforce, and work processes.

We pride our differentiated expertise in delivering and deploying an integrated “Performance Excellence Model”  for S/W organizations that enables them to drive their performance  of their organization and projects toward leading their industry and exceeding their customer expectation.

This 10 minutes video presentation shows our developed Performance Excellence Model for S/W organization.