We Assess, Improve, and Align Your Organizational Performance 

  • Unlike other consultants, we do not stop at evaluating the performance of your organization, but rather help to recommend and implement precisely required improvement methodologies, skills and techniques that achieve results of performance excellence.
  • Our consultants work with organizations’ senior management to align the performance of the following categories with the organization mission, and strategic objectives: 
    1. leadership
    2. strategy planning and execution
    3. customer focus,
    4. knowledge management & information technology
    5. work teams
    6. operations
    7. governance
    8. projects
    9. results

Check this video presentation visualizing the concept of organizational performance excellence based on the Baldrige Management Model

How to Transform your Management Model into A Rational Organization

I define the Rational Organization as any organization whose management model depends on empowering its workforce, to make calculated rational decisions that lead the organization, more than its dependence on effective systematic approaches.”.

How could organization transform its operation into Rational Organization?

Based on my book “Founding the Science of Humane Rationality, ISBN 978-977-805-097-4”: Organizations need to empower and train their workforce to build and rationalize their capabilities according to the following four criteria:

1- Rationalizing their Humane Concepts: to have a Shared Mental Model of concepts that built on human values, verifiable facts, and eliminate any myths, harmful concepts, or beliefs such as bullying, hatred, selfishness, and racism.

2- Rationalizing their Consciousness Scope: to expand their live awareness with the kind of local and global changes, history movement, and trends that may directly affect their business and their lives.

3- Rationalizing their Brain Skills: to learn the latest analytical tools, thinking, and technologies that could sharpen their problem-solving skills.

4- Rationalizing their Decisions: learning how to produce different alternative decisions, actions, or reactions, in facing everyday situations and changes. Learning how to calculate the results and risks of each alternative, and then how to choose the best rational decision that delivers the lowest calculated risks and highest benefits.