TeamSTEPPS’ Shared Mental Model

Healthcare institutions need performance improvement on two levels: Medical teams performance management  level and Organizational performance management level.

On medical teams level, We trian hospitals’ physicians and nurses on building and leading medical care delivery teams with a “Shared Mental Model” of TeamSTEPPS strategies, skills, and tools.  The results included remarkable improvement in medical service quality, ‎patient safety, and eliminating medical errors.

On organization level, we coach hospitals’ senior management to improve the organizational performance through deploying the Baldrige Performance Excellence Model in organizational categories like: the leadership, strategic planning & implementing, patient focus, knowledge & technology management, workforce focus, operation, projects, and the results. The outcome of Baldrige deployment helped hospitals to attained and sustained world class performance, recognition, and international accreditation.

Change champions are selected for training qualifying them as TemSTEPPS Master Trainers” and “Baldrige Performance Performance Assessor” and change champion.