The Construction Industry Excellence Center

For mega construction projects, we facilitate four review meetings with all projects stakeholders during initiation and planning stages to eliminate any possibility of project failure. On these meetings, we apply the CII PDRI Planning Quality Control Scoring system on the project studies, designs, and detailed execution plans, to ensure that all stakeholders have ONE “Shared Mental Model” about the project scope of work definition, execution methods, priorities, objectives, quality, cost, and time frame.

  • During the project execution, we help in conflict/dispute resolution,  coordinating between different core teams involved in developing the project: the consultant, contractors, and the owner. We train and coach project teams on using the PMP or Scrum methodology in managing mega projects or in a portfolio of different projects programs.
  • We offer deployed Cloud Based Collaboration Platform for construction community to collaborate in projects supply chain clusters, and in utilization of shared construction resources.  
  • On organization level, we help Construction developer to improve their organizational performance through deploying the Baldrige Performance Excellence model, and imbedding the Scrum, PDRI methodologies into all the organization processes. ​