We help Education​ institutions in improving  performance on two levels: the teaching & learning performance level, and the organizational performance level.  On improving the performance of teaching & learning, we train teachers on embedding the technology onto all educational delivering activities.

  • deploying E-Learning Platform with rich video and interactive educational content based on the USA or UK k-12 Standard Curriculum
  • embedding the 21st Century Competencies onto all teaching and learning lessons

Below is a graphic of the 21st Century Competencies:

On organization level, we coach hospitals’ senior management to improve the organizational performance through deploying the Baldrige Performance Excellence Model in organizational categories like: the leadership, strategic planning & implementing, patient focus, knowledge & technology management, workforce focus, operation, projects, and the results. The outcome of Baldrige deployment helped hospitals to attained and sustained world class performance, recognition, and international accreditation.

Change champions are selected for training qualifying them as  “Baldrige Performance Performance Assessor”.