Training Program Overview

Here’s a quick rundown of what your workforce will learn and accomplish in just a short time with this training:

Know the Four Core Cyber Issues for Business Security

Learn the 4 biggest sources of cyber breaches and how simple behaviour changes can make all the difference

Understand the Core Cyber Policies in your Cyber Readiness Playbook

Get informed on the new company policies surrounding these areas and understand how
these cyber issues should be handled by each employee

Understand Their Role in Practicing Cyber Hygiene

Understand the responsibility that each employee’s personal work habits and behaviours
play in preventing company data from being compromised, exposing sensitive customer
data along with their own personal security.

How to prepare your incident response plan

  1. Back-up data and make sure you can re-install from the back-ups.
  2. Make sure everyone knows how to report a possible incident.
  3. Find good technical external incident response support.

How Respond to an incident

  1. Isolate the problem – immediately get the device off the network
  2. Identify the type of incident and take the following action:
  3. Determine the scope of the incident Is it still ongoing?
  4. Determine if it can be properly controlled.
  5. Keep checking for the problem to return.

How to Recover after the crisis is over

  1. Notify all affected parties
  2. Re-set the user ID and password of the compromised device
  3. Patch all of the devices
  4. Reinstall software and data from back-ups as needed
  5. Incident Response Checklist

On successful completion of this course, start your next level course:

The Cyber Leader Certification Program

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