Egypt Excellence Center  is an Egyptian Expertise House of engineering and management professionals who have international recognized specialization in assessing and improving the performance of organizations, teams, processes, and projects.  
We have learned, practiced and integrated evidence based methodologies, systematic approaches, and technologies to enable our customers to attain and sustain world class performance, and on leading their industry markets, and on exceeding their customer expectation.

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Engineer Abel-Halim Mahmoud, Founder & President
Architect Heba Abdel-Halim, Head of Projects Division

Our Customers

1. The Egyptian Cabinet’ Information and Decision Support Center, IDSC

2. The Egyptian Ministry of Defense

3. The Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces

4. (18) Egyptian military production companies

5. The Egyptian Ministry of Interior

6. The Egyptian Ministry of Education

7. The Egyptian Ministry of Health

8. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism

9. The Egyptian Ministry of Industry

10. Federation of Egyptian Industries

11. Suzuki Company

12. Nissan Company

13. Arab Contractors Company, Egypt

14. Oriental Weavers Group, Egypt

15. Mokhtar Ibrahim Company for Contracting, Egypt

16. Foxboro Co. for Industrial Control Measurement Systems – USA

17. The Performance Excellence Network, Minnesota, USA

18. Core Value Partners, Minnesota, USA

19. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, (AHRQ), USA

20. The Construction Industry Institute, USA

21. The Cyber ​​Security Institute, USA

23. Arizona State University, USA

24. The American University in Cairo

25. IBM, USA




29. Google, USA



32. The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)

33. The Saudi Quality Association

34. Saudi King Abdullah Award for Excellence Foundation

35. Saudi Ministry of Municipal Affairs

36. Bin Zafra Contracting Group, Saudi Arabia

37. Chamber of Saudi Construction Companies

38. Saudi Construction Industry Center of Excellence

39. Udoh Organization for Electrical Projects, Saudi

40. The Egyptian Copper Company

41. Egyptian sugar factories

42. Talkha Power Station

43. Talkha Fertilizer Company

44. Petrojet Company, Egypt

45. GUPCO Petroleum Company – Ras Shukair, Egypt

46. ​​El Nasr Petroleum Alexandria Company, Egypt

47. Suez Petroleum Company, Egypt

48. Spinning and Weaving Company in Amriya, Egypt

49. Mahalla Spinning and Weaving Company, Egypt

50. Hundreds of private sector factories and companies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA and Singapore