What is PDRI  ?

PDRI stands for Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)​, a revolutionized project risk & planning quality control tool that has markedly improved performance on project costs, schedules and virtually all operational characteristics. 

Over the past two decades, the Construction Industry Institute (CII) has developed three widely-used scope definition tools to enhance front end planning; these tools are called the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI), each having a specific focus on these three industry sectors: industrial, infrastructure or building. Those involved in the planning, design and construction of projects in these sectors now have a suite of tools that prevent missteps and mistakes and dramatically raises the likelihood of project success. Together, these tools are the most widely used products in CII’s portfolio of management tools. 
PDRI is a comprehensive checklist of scope definition elements presented in a score sheet format that allows an integrated project team to critically evaluate the status of an industrial, infrastructure or building project during front-end planning and determine a score that evaluates its level of definition early enough to do something about the gaps identified.
PDRI provides numerous benefits to the project team including better team alignment, risk assessment/gap analysis, progress monitoring, and benchmarking basis. To be used effectively, the tool should ideally be facilitated in the team environment by a neutral facilitator.
This course will overview details about the PDRI and its use, and include advanced facilitation instruction incorporating a hands-on PDRI facilitation exercise.
Course Agenda
Session 1 Introduction
Session 2 Workshop 1: Preliminary Risk Assessment
Session 3 What Is the PDRI?
Session 4 How to Use the PDRI
Session 5 Workshop 2: Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI)
Session 6 Other Issues
Session 7 PDRI Facilitation 
Session 8 Workshop 3: Facilitation Discussions Breakout
Session 9 Conclusions
Session 10 Evaluation
Course Objectives
1.Understanding the general principles of front end planning (FEP) as related to the PDRI
2.Understanding of why and when to use PDRI during FEP
3.Knowledge of how to use PDRI and its successful use as a facilitator
4.Understanding of tools and techniques to effectively employ PDRI in a work session and across an organization
5.Opportunity to practice PDRI skills in hypothetical situations
6.The ability to effectively facilitate an PDRI session
Course Time Span: 16 hours
Course Fees: $300