Steps of improving organization processes toward matured, integrated and aligned status.. Egypt Excellence Center

Welcom to Egypt Excellence Center. We help organizations and projects’ leaders to assess and improve their processes performance with integrated and aligned systematic approaches and rational agile decision making.

We provide training and consultancies on Baldrige Performance Excellence Management Model with the update version of Rational Management Model.

We deliver internationally accredited courses on Six Sigma, Agile Scrum Project Management, TeamSTEPPS and Cyber Security Readiness.

Let us start first with asking you, as the leader of your organization, the following questions:-

How Do You Attain the highest possible performance of your organization, projects, and teams?.

How Do You Align and Integrate different processes, systems, and improvement programs, in all divisions, to work in ONE direction?.

How Do You Build capabilities for everyone to produce the right action in all life and work situations.?

We Have The Answers: Let us help you manage your organization, projects, and teams according to methodologies of best practices in management and  improvement.  

The Value We Provide: We work with organizations and projects leaders in managing the change the of work procedures and processes to include the Excellence Management Model to achieve industry benchmarked high performance results. We also assess and improve the workforce operational behaviour to learn and adopt the improvement procedures, and to build capacities of making rational decisions on time.